A closer look at one of summer’s lightest fabrics.

Moss - tailored fit white seersucker suit



Words: C. Saramowicz


It’s been a long time coming, but summer is finally on the horizon. And, though linens are pretty much a given during the warmer months, another fabric that should be on your radar is seersucker. Light and airy in nature with a distinct texture, it’s been around for over two centuries and is still used to make many menswear summer staples today. Let’s explore the roots of seersucker and what makes the fabric so special below. 


Moss - tailored fit taupe seersucker suit


What is seersucker?

Seersucker is a lightweight textile traditionally made from cotton (though other compositions feature silk or linen) with a uniquely puckered texture. This effect is created by weaving the thread with variable tension, creating tighter and looser strips that result in crinkles across the fabric. This texture is very much a defining characteristic of seersucker, but it is also one of the reasons why it keeps you cool – the fabric sits away from the skin which creates tiny pockets of air that assist with both drying and cooling. 


Moss - tailored fit white seersucker suit


Where does seersucker come from?

The use of seersucker dates back to 18th century India, when the Bengal region began producing the fabric because of its lightweight and breathable properties. Soon enough, British colonialists discovered the benefits of seersucker and brought it back to the West, incorporating it into suiting, workwear and even military uniforms.  

The name ‘seersucker’ comes from the Persian shir o shakar which translates to ‘milk and honey’, relating to the puckered texture of the fabric and its contrasting smooth and rough surface. 


Moss - slim fit light grey marl seersucker suit


Seersucker today

Today, seersucker has transcended its practical roots and is used in both casual and formal menswear.  

Suits, like our tailored fit white seersucker suit, are great for summer weddings and events, offering up a light, airy and textured alternative to linen. As for t-shirts and shorts, like our sage striped seersucker set, the texture offers a bit of difference to smoother cottons. The natural crinkle of the fabric also means less maintenance (and ironing), meaning seersucker is a great option for packing on holiday. 

If you’re yet to dive into the world of seersucker, it’s worth giving this unique fabric a try this summer. Take a look at some of our pieces that feature seersucker below.