How to accessorise your prom suit - The Inside Pocket


Score an A* for the details.

Got your prom suit sorted? Good. Now for a lesson in accessorising. Note-taking is optional but a well-rounded prom look is essential.




Meet the cummerbund. It’s not new, but it is back. This material sash is a traditional black tie accessory that’s essentially an elaborate cover-up for unsightly shirt-bunching at your waist. They’ve dipped in and out of fashion for the last century but are firmly back on the radar in bold new colours and patterns. Choose one that coordinates with the colour of your suit. Extra marks for pairing with the matching bow tie.



The list of bow tie wearers is a long one, from old Hollywood movie stars to current red carpet regulars and, of course, just about every James Bond ever. In other words: it’s shorthand for suave. Usually worn with a tuxedo, as shown here, your bow tie comes into full effect when worn with a pocket square in a complementary colour or pattern. And on that note, there are loads of ways to fold your pocket square, but these two are a good place to start.





Kim and Kanye. Chris and Kem. Suit and tie. There are some pairs that are just meant to be. If you’re wearing a tie to prom there are few things you need to remember. Your tie should be a similar width to your lapels (so a skinny fit suit gets a skinny tie, a tailored fit needs a tie that’s little wider). As for colour, you can go one of two routes. For a pulled together look, choose one that’s a similar shade to your outfit. For a bolder look, pick one that’s a contrasting colour, as shown above. Either way, make sure your tie is always darker than your shirt.





We’ll shout about the importance of accessories any time, any place, but sometimes simple really is best. See our boy above – he’s already got a sharp suit in colour-of-the-season dusty pink and a statement floral print shirt. Anything extra would just be a distraction from a killer look. The lesson here? If you think it looks too much, it probably is.