Here’s how to wear the military-inspired shade of green with classic autumn neutral, grey.
grey khaki checked shirt



Words: T. MacInnis

Army green, also known as khaki, is a classic earth tone for autumn. And the good news is, it goes with loads of other colours. Wear it with denim, wear it with black, wear it with lighter browns, and you’ll have a winning combo. But, one of our favourite and maybe slightly more unexpected pairings is army green and grey.

Whether you’ve opted for an army green suit for a day at the office, an overshirt for a weekend mini break or an every day piece of outerwear, pairing those pieces with grey will really make them pop. Read on for some of our favourite green-and-grey pairings to add to your autumn wardrobe.

khaki and grey outfit

Dress down a green suit with a grey turtleneck

An army green suit is a great choice for autumn, and a nice deviation from your usual navy or grey. It’s particularly good if you’re keen to wear a coloured suit but don’t want to go too bold.

You can go classic and pair your army green suit with a white shirt and a contrasting tie, of course. But, if you’re again looking for something a bit different, try wearing your suit with a charcoal merino roll-neck. This is a great look for a more casual city wedding, or for a day at the office.

grey trousers rollneck

Add a casual trouser to your autumn wardrobe

If you’ve found a favourite army green shirt or jumper, and you’re keen to wear it with something other than jeans, a pair of soft grey joggers could be the ticket. Just keep the rest of your outfit minimal and super neutral. Think, a pair of black boots or a navy gilet. Pieces like that will let your khaki green-and-grey combo stand out.

khaki green shirt grey trousers

Outerwear in army green

It’s always fun to choose something a bit different for your outerwear, because you’ll likely end up wearing it a few times a week. But, if you’re choosing a colour, you’ll want to make sure it’s still wearable with the rest of your wardrobe. Army green, of course, is a winner here. Not only does it look great with those grey joggers (see above), but you can layer an army green jacket over just about any jumper, save for other shades of brighter green.

We also love a good houndstooth pattern, and this one puts grey and green on the same shacket. Again, we love it with both a lighter grey or a similar charcoal to the one in the houndstooth.

Whichever army green and grey pieces you choose to add to your autumn wardrobe, make sure you can envision wearing them with pieces you already have. It’s a wearable combo, and we bet you’ll reach for it more often than you might have thought.