Wide leg trousers are trending – see how can you style them your way.
Moss - ecru stripe beach pant



Words: C. Saramowicz


Wide leg trousers are back, and they’re a big change from the slim-fit styles that have been trending for a while. Slowly but surely, wider fits are making it off the runway and into the everyday.



Moss - oatmeal floral beach pant

This style of trouser has a roomier cut, but they’re fitted at the waist for a more tailored look that feels smarter than oversized streetwear styles. While it’s not completely new – wide leg trousers have been around since the 1920s and have moved in and out fashion over the years – there’s a fresh take on the look that makes it feel a bit more contemporary.

If you want to wear it wide but you’re not sure how to style them, go for a casual look to start with. A classic colour and a simple fabric like cotton or a lighter wool blend can make the fit and shape of a wider leg hang more easily. Choose darker shades like black, navy and charcoal or neutral tones like camel, beige and stone.

Our beach trousers are a great way to ease into wider styles. It’s our most relaxed trouser yet, sitting higher at the waist and tapering down to a slightly wider base. The extra room makes them great for laid-back summer weekends, the elasticated waist and external drawcord ensuring you stay comfy all day long.


Moss - ecru herringbone beach pant


Getting the right balance is key to styling wide leg trousers. Wear with something fitted, like a T-shirt or a short-sleeve shirt. Tuck your top in to really get the contrast between wider legs and a fitted top half, or layer it a little an overshirt on top. This helps to balance out proportions.

It’s also important to get the right fit. You want them to feel like they’re the right size at the waist – and they may sit a little higher than what you’re used to – while flowing freely on the legs. Trousers that are big all over can just look like you’ve chosen the wrong size.


Moss - ecru stripe beach pant


If it’s about going smart-casual, choose a smarter shirt, some fitted knitwear and pair with boots or smart shoes rather than trainers or a casual shoe. That’ll take the styling up a notch without feeling like it’s been overdone.

To wear wide fit in a smart or formal setting, go for a relaxed fit suit or pair your wide leg trousers with a smart shirt and a tailored jacket. The key here is for the outfit to look intentional and well thought-out; choose your fabric wisely, incorporating rich cloths like wool, tweed or corduroy. Go for smart shoes like Oxfords to balance out the size and shape of the rest of your outfit.

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