Outfit ideas for the modern groom - The Inside Pocket

Because traditional isn’t for everyone.



So, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on your big day? For many years, choices for men have felt confined to a tuxedo or, if it’s a more traditional wedding, a classic morning suit. However, in recent years, men have been opting for a look that better reflects their personal style and wedding theme. The important thing to remember is that whatever you choose, ensure it is properly fitted and makes you feel great. After all, you’ll be in the limelight all day too.


The three-piece suit has long been an option for grooms, however there are ways to make it feel more modern. Have you considered adding a contrasting waistcoat? Take some time to consider different colours, patters and fabrics that will work with the rest of your suit – a tweed waistcoat adds great texture to a plainer suit, or perhaps think about choosing shades that complement what the bridesmaids are wearing. A tailored three-piece will look sharp for the ceremony and as formalities end and you get ready to celebrate, you can remove the jacket roll up your shirt sleeves and show off your moves on the dance floor.


If your wedding theme suits a more classic look but you still want to add some personality, concentrate on the finer details. You can add interest through the fabrics you choose. Don’t be afraid to combine textures – a subtle herringbone shirt or jacquard waistcoat can elevate a standard suit.

While many people may not see the inside of your suit jacket, having a lining in a colour or pattern of your choice is a great way to make your suit unique. Another way to make your suit feel extra special is to get a personalised embroidery stitched on the inside of your jacket as a memento. How about the date of your big day, or your partner’s initials? Our Tailor Me service lets you do just that, as well as personalise the construction, fabric, fit and trims for a suit that reflects your style in every way.


Have you thought about ditching the black, blue and grey and going for something different? If your day has a more relaxed vibe, a lighter suit could be an alternative option. Choose something that complements your colour scheme and add a bit of romance to the occasion with your accessories.


If you’re after a more adventurous look, wearing a patterned suit is a great way to differentiate your look. Check wedding suits are becoming more and more popular with grooms. Why? Because they’re modern, easy to wear and stylish. However, it’s important to find the right balance between traditional and non-traditional elements: a subtle windowpane or puppytooth check makes for a statement piece while still respecting the occasion.


Consider your accessories as they make all the difference to your look. Cufflinks offer a little more contrast than buttons and are considered a more ornamental option – you can get them engraved to commemorate the day or choose a pair that reflect a hobby you’re particularly passionate about.

Lastly, remember to put your best foot forward as you walk down the aisle. Your shoes and socks are a really great way to show some personality, just make sure your shoes are clean, well-polished and looking their best.