The art of layering

When the cold weather kicks in, layering is your friend.

Done properly, layering coats, knits and scarves not only keeps the chill at bay, but also provides extra styling opportunities that sparse summer outfits just can’t compete with.





The funnel neck knit makes a heroic return to menswear this winter and does a remarkable job of being both a bit sporty and well suited to wearing under tailoring.

Keep things on the smarter side for weekday commutes by wearing one in a similar tone to your suit. Extra points for adding in a scarf that cleverly matches it to your also-very-fashionable camel coat.





Your grey overcoat becomes an extension of your suit when worn over a 2-piece and shirt in tonal shades and patterns of roughly the same scale.

A richly toned tie provides a focal point on a head-to-toe grey outfit, while black leather gloves subtly pick out the suit’s checks as well as keep fingers functioning in the cold. Handy, that.





No, not half-heartedly, but by using tailored separates to make a whole new look.

Turn your slim fit coat into one part of a winter suit by skipping the jacket and pairing with slim fit trousers in the same shade. On really cold days, layer in a chunky cable roll neck knit for a modern (and warm) take on business casual.