Everything you need to know about hiring a suit, this way.
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Words: L. Thorpe

 While the suit’s been synonymous with style ever since Beau Brummel – thought to be one of the first ever menswear “influencers” – the concept of suit hire is probably newer than you think.

Moss were one of the early pioneers of suit hire in the UK, making on-trend, sophisticated suits available to everyone. And we’re still doing so today – dressing individuals for all types of special occasions, be it galas, weddings or races.

Moss weddings - Man in a camel tan suit

When did suit hire start?

The idea of formal attire dates back centuries. In the 19th century, elevated suiting was only reserved for those who could afford it; that is, the upper classes who frequently attended banquets and balls. Tuxedos and tails were particularly popular up until men’s fashion saw the rise of the lounge suit, a more relaxed alternative to the formal tailcoat. As social events and occasions required different levels of formality, owning multiple suits became impractical for most individuals.

This gave rise to the idea of hiring suits for specific events, making fashion accessible and affordable.

The earliest known suit hire services started out in the early 20th century, when Moss Bros was born. This new service, run by brother Alfred and George Moss, catered to people who needed formal attire for weddings, events and other special occasions. The availability of suit hire gave people the opportunity to wear stylish, well-fitted suits without the expense of purchasing and maintaining them. It also helped to establish formal dress codes for different events.

Suit hire specialists

As the idea of suit hire gained popularity, businesses specialising in this service started to flourish. These suit hire specialists offered a wide range of suits in various styles, colours and sizes to accommodate different tastes and preferences.

Modern suit hire

Right now, suit hire’s as popular as ever, especially for formal events with a black tie dress code or special occasions like weddings and awards ceremonies. It’s easy to hire a suit for any type of event – if you need some ideas on what occasions may call for suit hire, read our piece on when you should hire a suit.

With Moss, you can hire a suit online and have it delivered to your door or any of our locations around the UK. You can also book an appointment and head into any of our stores to get measured and hire a suit that’s sized perfectly for you. Our suit experts can help you with any questions you might have and can show you samples, styles and fabrics to get something that works with your personal style. It also gives you the chance to try different looks on in real life if you’re not quite sure of what you’re after.

If you’re trying to suit up a group of people for an event, our group hire option takes the stress out of finding a suit that works for everyone. Whether you’re dressing your wedding party or want to match with your friends at prom, it really couldn’t be easier to hire a suit for whatever you’ve got planned.

If sustainability is important for you, renting a suit can be a more suitable option for wearing trending suit styles, extending both their lifecycle and your wardrobe choices. If you don’t wear suits that often, hire can be a more eco-conscious choice than buying new suits that eventually just sit in the wardrobe.

Wondering about the process of hiring a suit? Start by checking out our suit hire collection at Moss.