Music that’ll bring the party – and how to make your own playlist.


A great party playlist is all about surprising people! Of course, you’ve got to have your current hits playing – you don’t want anyone to think you’re out of touch, do you? But what’s going to keep the vibe alive and everyone’s moods up is to throw in some classics from throughout the years. I’m not saying chuck a bit of Oasis in there so people can have a sing-along. What you want to do here is trigger people’s memories and take them back to moments they will have fond memories of.

Think about who is coming to your party and ask yourself these questions: How old are they? What industry do they work in? Are they introverts or extroverts? Once you know these details you can start building a playlist they’ll love.

If you get stuck, an unbreakable way to put your music together is to look to the number ones. Chart music is a great indicator of what most people will enjoy, so take a single number one hit from each month of the current year, then work your way backwards taking around four number ones from each previous year. Put all those tracks together and hit shuffle and you’ll be onto a winner. Just avoid the dreary, sad tracks… it is party season after all!

For more inspiration and a guaranteed good time, have a listen to the playlist I’ve created in collaboration with Moss Bros. for party season. Play this to bring the party when you’ve got people over or while you’re getting dressed to go out!

Tom Fox spends his days sharing his style, grooming tips and other passions on Instagram and his nights djing at events for brands including Puma, L’Oréal, The Sims and Made in Chelsea. He has played all across the UK for over 10 years and is now expanding his career into radio and TV.