Here are the UK cities where you’ll find the most interest in horse racing.



Words: L. Thorpe

Horse racing is big news in the UK, with hundreds of races taking place throughout the country all spring and summer, and millions spent on outfits, bets and entertainment. But which areas of the UK are the most obsessed with racing, betting and race day fashion?

Menswear experts Moss have crunched the numbers to find out where the most horse race-obsessed people in the UK hang out.

Where in the UK is most into horse racing?

It’s no surprise that Liverpool – famous for the Grand National held in Aintree every year – is first out of the gates, taking the top spot for the number of searches for race day topics. As many as 70,000 people attend the Grand National every year, and it’s a huge deal on the Liverpool social calendar.

Here’s the full ranking of the cities with the most searches for race-related topics:

1. Liverpool
2. Leeds
3. Edinburgh
4. Glasgow
5. Bristol
6. Cardiff
7. Sheffield
8. Manchester
9. Birmingham
10. Coventry

Which race are people most excited for?

When it comes to which race events people are getting the most excited about, based on search, the Cheltenham Festival takes first place. It’s no surprise that the Cheltenham Festival generates more bets, as well – £500 million in total vs. £300 million for the second-most searched race in the UK: The Grand National.

Royal Ascot, one of the most formal race events of the year is in third place, followed by the Welsh Grand National, York Ebor and Guinness Festival.

Race day fashion

It’s not just the races that these cities are into either. Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Liverpool, Leeds and Coventry also made it into the top 20 UK cities with the best-dressed men, showing that these cities are just as dedicated to fashion as they are to the races.

In the run up to race day, there are thousands of searches for race day outfits and trends, so they’re serious events when it comes to style, too. There are more than 3.8 million searches of Royal Ascot outfits and more than 6.4 million searches for what to wear to Royal Ascot, along with 28,000 #RaceDayFashion hashtags on Instagram.

And men’s fashion is an even bigger deal, with more than 176 million searches for “men’s race day fashion” and 29.6 million searches for “men’s suits for horse races”. As some of the best-known races have some strict dress codes, it makes sense that men are seeking out style inspiration online.

Just before the Grand National, there was a spike in searches for two-piece and three-piece suits, along with linen suits, according to Google Trends data.

Need some style inspiration for your next race event?

Style it out with a three-piece suit in a classic colour like black, navy or grey.

Or go bold in a two-piece in aqua, camel or brown linen.