Everything you need to know about lounge suits.


Most of us will receive an invite that gives a ‘lounge suits’ dress code at some point in our adult lives. And most of us will probably do a quick Google to find out what it means.

Let us put your mind at ease – lounge suits are normal business suits. It’s just a fancy name for what you usually wear when you’ve got an important meeting, a wedding, a christening or a funeral to go to.

Your options are endless: two-piece, three-piece, single-breasted, double-breasted, tweed, wool, black, grey, navy, checked, pinstriped. You name it: if it isn’t a dress suit or tails, it’s probably a lounge suit. The one thing all lounge suits have in common is their smart appeal.


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You might be unlikely to reach for your freshly dry-cleaned suit at the weekend, but for gents in the nineteenth century, that’s exactly what they would turn to if they were kicking back for the day. They were called lounge suits because they were seen as informal, but a gentleman would always want to look his best so they were still reasonably smart. For working-class men, a lounge suit would be their Sunday best.


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You can choose a lounge suit in any fit that suits your frame and sense of style. Finding the right fit for you is the key to making sure you feel confident in your lounge suit.

Regular fit suits cuts are traditional. They’re looser-fitting and lots of men find them the most comfortable option, while still looking smart. For a trimmer outline, it’s best to go for a tailored fit suit – the jackets are defined in the shoulders but tapered at the waist for a strong silhouette, and the trousers are also slightly tapered for an overall tailored look.

For something more up-to-date, you could opt for a slim fit suit. Narrower on the shoulders, waist and lapels, these suits enhance a lean frame, giving you a sharp outline.


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Once you’ve found your fit, the rest should fall into place. One of the best things about a lounge suit dress code is the chance to show off your personal sense of style.

For super-smart occasions when you want to turn heads, go for a three-piece lounge suit with a plain shirt and a patterned tie, then add a pocket square to look even more sophisticated. If you’re keen to do the whole three-piece thing but want to keep your look relaxed, reach for a button-down shirt with no tie. Or opt for a more casual suit and dress it down by going for a plain T-shirt and trainers, just as long as the more casual vibe will go down well with your hosts.

Now that’s all cleared up, why not take a look at the latest lounge suits to drop at Moss?