Seasonal wedding outfits, this way.



Words: A. Fozzard

Saved the date for a spring wedding? Here’s how to dress to suit the season.


It’s a fact: people love to get married in spring. It’s probably got something to do with longer days and the likelihood of a bit of sunshine, but we think it’s also about the romance and optimism of a new start.

And suiting up for a spring wedding is good fun. Soft shades, like light blue and grey come into their own in spring – choose a blue suit if you’re wearing neutral-shade accessories, and grey tailoring for those brighter colours like pink, yellow, orange and teal. For a destination wedding, linen always makes sense. A neutral linen with an unexpected knitted polo underneath can make things feel a bit more casual. And of course, we couldn’t talk about spring weddings without a mention of a tweed three-piece. Try yours with a tonal tie for a more formal affair.


One minute it’s raining, the next it’s beaming sunshine – welcome to spring in the UK. Ok, it’s safe to assume it won’t be freezing or boiling, but the middle ground can be just as tricky to dress for.

We recommend banking on a mid-weight fabric, so nothing too heavy like thick wool and nothing too light like hopsack. Look for a worsted fabric in a weight of around 350g or less.

The weight of your suit will also be influenced by its construction. A lightweight suit will have light or no shoulder padding, minimal interlinings and a half or buggy lining. The lighter the structure, the breezier the suit. A traditional suit will have more structured shoulders and perhaps a half-canvas construction – a luxury addition that will help the suit mould to your frame over time, but will also lock heat in. Consider the wedding date and how much of the day will be spent inside/outside and choose your suit weight accordingly.




Your choice of accessories is where you can really up the ‘spring’ feel of your outfit. Handy if you’ve moved your wedding date and need to make a darker suit feel more seasonal.

Sunny shades like bright yellow, pale blue, coral, and pink are springtime classics that look great with both light and dark shades of suit. They tend to feature in spring-time flowers too, so you should be able to match your buttonhole to your accessories easily. If you’ve gone for a green or brown tweed suit, you can set off the earthy tones and still look cheery for spring with a printed tie.

Of course, if you’re the groom or in the wedding party, your suit and accessory choice might be dictated by what the bridesmaids are wearing. If you’d like to coordinate without outright matching, you can soften the look by wearing two pocket squares, one neutral and one in the theme colour.