Because suit hire is a great option for so many occasions.
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Words: L. Thorpe

Whether it’s a formal occasion, a corporate event, or a special celebration, the right suit can make sure you’re feeling confident and ready to go for your next event. But what if you don’t have a suit ready and waiting in your wardrobe?

That’s where suit hire steps forward. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common events and times you might choose to hire a suit, rather than buy one.

What to wear to get married abroad ; a groom wears a grey wedding suit for a summer wedding

Black tie events

Black tie events are usually big on a formal dress code. Whether it’s a high-glamour gala, a prestigious awards ceremony or a lavish wedding, sticking to the dress code you’ve been given is essential. Hiring a suit for black tie events makes sure you’ll have a perfectly fitted tuxedo or dinner suit that helps you feel comfy and confident while still hitting the dress code.

Moss Hire gives you a choice of of classic and contemporary styles, so you can get one that’s the right fit for the occasion. If your black tie event is something that only happens every now and again, hiring rather than buying just makes sense.


Whatever your role in a wedding, you might not plan on wearing your suit for a while once the big day passes by you, especially if you’re not a frequent suit wearer. If you’re the groom, best man or a guest, hiring a suit can be a good idea.

We even do group hire if you need something that matches for the wedding party. It’s one less thing to worry about and can make sure you look your best. For events like weddings, family events and formal fits, co-ordinating your suit can be key. Not only does group hire take the hassle out of the process, it means you’re not stuck with a suit that you won’t ever wear again.

You can dress for the occasion, wedding theme and your role in it without having to worry about your budget, storage or sustainability. Just three reasons why you should hire a suit for a wedding or celebration event.

Job interviews

First impressions matter, especially during job interviews. Dressing professionally demonstrates your commitment and respect for the opportunity. It can make the difference in whether you get hired or not, so putting in the effort can be well worth it.

Dressing to impress for a job interview is a good idea, but if your actual role calls for something a bit more casual, you might not want to buy a suit. That’s when hiring a suit can be a smart move; choose something like a lounge suit or a more relaxed tweed suit to make the right impact at your interview. Try and get a feel for the dress code before you go – we’re all for dressing well, but you don’t want to give off an impression that you won’t fit in. Try some less formal fits and fabrics like flannel, or pair a relaxed suit with smart trainers for a more casual feel that’s still interview-ready.

What to wear to get married abroad ; a groom wears a grey wedding suit for a summer wedding

Race day

Race days are the perfect opportunity to dress up and look the part. But again, it’s a day or two in the calendar year, so if you’re not wearing a suit for other events, hiring a suit can mean you turn heads without blowing the budget – you can look a million bucks without spending it.

From impeccable tailoring to superfine fabrics, we’ve got it all. So why settle for anything less than extraordinary when you hit the races? Choose Moss Hire and for a race look that’s confident, comfy and fitted for you. Want to learn more about dressing for race day? We’ve got you with our race day guide on what to wear.

Graduations and proms

Graduation ceremonies and prom nights mark big milestones in life. These events usually call for formal fits that reflect the importance of the occasion. However, they’re usually one-offs so your bank balance might feel better if you look at hiring a suit rather than buying one. Plus, you can pick up on the latest suit trends. It also means that if your height or size changes a little, you don’t end up with a suit in your wardrobe that you can’t actually wear again.

Hiring a suit for prom or graduation lets you celebrate in style, while still feeling confident and dressed your best.

What to wear to get married abroad ; a groom wears a grey wedding suit for a summer wedding

Corporate events and conferences

Got a work event coming up where you need to dress to impress? Corporate events, conferences and seminars often need a smart and professional look, whether you’re presenting or attending. Hiring a suit means you can choose a stylish outfit to suit the occasion – no last minute panic or wearing something that you don’t feel good in.

If you’re not at events every week, or you want to make an impression for these special events, our hire collection helps you to hit the mark. You can look great, feel confident and feel stylish.

Thinking about hiring a suit for your next event? Here’s a rundown on how to hire a suit, or head straight to our suit collection to see the styles and choices you can hire.