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A well-chosen men's shirt can make all the difference. Shop our selection of cotton, linen and breathable blends to find the shape and feel that sits right with you. You might be after an all-rounder in black or white or maybe you're up for experimenting with new-season colours. Our men's shirts span all occasions - business, formal or casual. You'll find it all here.

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How to tuck in a shirt

A tucked in shirt is usually considered to be a smarter look than leaving it untucked, but some shirts are made to be left out for a more laid-back, casual shirt style. Wondering how to tuck in a shirt? There’s the loose tuck, half tuck, the underwear tuck and the jacket tuck. If you’re not sure whether you should tuck your shirt in or not, a general way to tell is by checking the shape of your shirt tail. Longer, curved shirt tails are meant to be tucked in while a shirt that’s cut across at a shorter length are meant to stay untucked.

How to style a shirt

Need some advice on how to style a shirt? First thing’s first: getting the right fit and style counts. Don’t be scared to try on some different fits, cuts, colours and fabrics to choose a style that you’re most comfortable with. As a general rule, when it comes to fabrics, the more texture that a fabric has – like linen shirts, for example - the more casual it usually is. This is usually the same when it comes to patterns, printed shirts (except for standard striped shirts), and short sleeve shirts. Think about what you’ll be wearing a shirt with too, and whether you’ll be wearing a tie with your outfit..

What is a button down shirt?

A button down shirt is a shirt that has buttons running up the front of it with extra buttons on the collar. They can be smart or casual, depending on how you decide to style them and the type of button down shirt you choose. You can pick them up in different fabrics, colours, lengths and designs so it’s a totally versatile style, whether you’re wearing a suit or a pair of combat trousers.

How to wear a shirt

Wondering how to wear a shirt? The best starting point is to make sure that your shirt is clean and ironed. Some more relaxed shirt styles or non iron shirts are the best thing to go for if you hate spending time ironing. You might want to wear a vest or t shirt under your shirt – especially if you’re wearing an overshirt or shacket – for extra comfort or warmth. Then just add your shirt and button up, making sure that your collars, cuffs and placket (the strip of fabric that the buttons of your shirt are on) are lined up and buttoned correctly.

How to measure a shirt

Need to know how to measure yourself for a new shirt? You want to measure your chest, neck and arm length to get the best fit. Measure around the broadest part of your chest with the tape just below your arm pit. Measure around the base of your neck, where a shirt collar would naturally sit, leaving a 2 finger gap between your neck and the measuring tape or string. Relax your arm by your side and measure from the tip of your shoulder and down your arm to your preferred cuff length. Check out our the Size Guide on each of our shirt product pages where you can match your own sizes to ensure the perfect size for you or view our main Size Guide for more information.

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