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Men's Interview Suits

How to dress for an interview? Look no further, Moss has the most stylish suits to get you the job. Either choose a design and colour to express your personality and your confidence; and help the interviewer keep you front of mind, or opt for a more traditional approach with a plain suit partnered with a crisp white shirt. It is not always essential these days to wear a tie, but if interviewing for a formal company we'd advise to accent your suit with one

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What colour suit is best for an interview?

Unless you’re interviewing for a creative role, or you’re going somewhere where you know the dress code is really relaxed, a job interview is usually a time for playing it on the safer side. It’s not the time to try something big, bold and completely different to your usual style. Think a navy blue, grey or black suit in this setting. Black is usually considered to be the most formal, so if you want to make it more informal then grey’s usually a good choice. You can add some colour with your shirt and accessories if you want your personality to show through. The goal here is to leave the interview showing that you’re serious about the role that’s on offer. There’s more detail in our what to wear to an interview guide.

Is it OK to wear a 3-piece suit to a job interview?

You absolutely can wear a 3-piece suit to an interview, especially if it makes you feel more professional, comfortable and confident. If the workplace is somewhere that values a more formal style, then a 3-piece suit is perfect - just make sure that your accessories live up to the rest of your outfit, and don’t forget to iron your shirt. A 2-piece suit is usually also completely appropriate for a job interview, and can help you to feel more at ease during the meeting.

Is a black suit or grey suit better for an interview?

Both black and grey suits work for a job interview. If you want a more formal feel to your outfit, then a black suit can convey a professional, put together look. A grey suit - especially charcoal or medium grey - can hold its own in the professional stakes, and can look just as formal as a traditional black suit. If the work environment is a little more relaxed, or you want to feel more comfortable in something less formal, go for lighter grey colours. Don’t be afraid to go for fabric choices that stand out either; a tweed suit or light print can really elevate a suit in a classic colour.

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